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i downloaded the game but when i tried to bring it up t wouldn't load im not sure if its my awful internet or something has gone wrong

had this same issue today, should be as simple as deleting the game fully from your device and redownloading/extracting!  hope this helps!

Okay but the creature's literally Enderman


I need more, more of him so that I can actually interact with him and give him a kiss or something, please I beg, I need alternate endings where I can truly interact with him *lip bite

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Your so real


rating: 5 stars
opinion: a masterpiece
flaws: i said AWOOP jumpscare (that jumpscare feels unrelated)

A fucking masterpiece that I've only just somehow heard of. Second video game ever to make me cry because it hit home for me with some things that've been happening in my life. 10/10 perfect video game. 

Hello good afternoon, I want to make a video gameplay on youtube with this great video game. my question is, where I have to write you to make this type of consultation? Greetings

Awesome game!! We had a blast playing and voicing it!!
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This was super unsettling but it was super fun to play in a way. I played this with my friend in 2022 and it was so funny watching us completely crap ourselves. I don't even recall any jumpscares, so to still have it be creepy and set the ambiance with that, MAD RESPECT. 

I'm sort of a wimp for creepy games like this one, but it had just that right balance between creepy and oh god please no. LOVED IT! JUST INCREDIBLY WELL-MADE! 

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Is it weird that I sympathise with him

I played it again today and I still sympathize with him too...

I REFUSE to open them. 

This was really creepy just the way it played with how are imaginations work well done just the thought of that happening is freaky thank you for this developer


this is so calming it's like asmr lol

really cool, i covered my eyes for some though. got two endings. not super scary more just ... idk how to explain it. good tho, 4/5

omg love this ;) keep up the good work DEV and wish you made another one like this but more scary ;)

Here is a full playthrough (kind of) that I found

the ambience was amazing and the dialogues were well written 

this game made me think


why he kinda...







but his voice kinda...


what are you doing with the "omg he kinda...." stuff



I liked the game!!!!


I want to date him


hes so bbg

Really good

I can fix him...


you say that like he's broken





long but very good and i wish we could talk back more but over all 7.8 out of 10 good game.


good game :)

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plz add sex


I agree

why yall simping over him..


I loved it! I really liked the psyche of the monster, and how the monster became of protégé of my subconscious up until the end. 10/10


Via please we need a good ending. We gave him a name and everything. Please let us adopt them. This was such an amazing and deep game, and I adored the art/play style. A viewer has actively written a fix-it fic.


this shit finna give me a virus


Although I don't have the required device(s) I seen a lot videos on YouTube about this game and just to say I actually feel bad for the spirit/demon/entity he or they idk the pronouns for them they need a big hug, overall I love the voice for the ?spirit? Amazing game -I didn't mean to make an entire paragraph about this game but I did anyway XD-



a poor lost soul.

Help its in my house it wont let me see it. I see it in the corner of my eye... its head is black. Has this happened to anyone else or am i seeing stuff

Is there a good ending where we close the door?

Fun game, super unsettling, love how we build the monster.

I loved it! I really liked the psyche of the monster, and how the monster became of protégé of my subconscious up until the end. 10/10


it was such a fire game, got attatched to the character because i thought he was a silly goose, its a well made game and i enjoy it so much

This game was a TON of fun, but did unfortunately make me learn things about myself I WAS NOT READY TO KNOW!!! But still, I enjoyed streaming it under one of my classic "minty sadist horror streams" and in the vod, I cut out all of the other features so that whoever plays for themselves can be surprised and discover the beautiful art creatures for themselves! 

Here is my playthrough if you are interested!


his voice scared the shit out of me 

yo solo le dije que sus ojos eran vacios...   pero me resumio la biblia

na mentira xd {por cierto el juego esta bueno, lo recomiendo:D}

I love the game, I still need to explore all the different possibilities!

Achei esse jogo incrível, fiz uma tradução para o português. Caso queira adicionar ao jogo, só falar :)

is it worrying if i just wanna give the guy a lil kiss on the head? he just seems lonely to me.


Yea same, he looks so lonely I want to hug him I want to give him love

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