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Great games! Love that creepy ASMR voice! This is my ITALIAN GAMEPLAY 

Came here from John Wolfe, didn't regret.

I wonder who did the voice? Was it you or someone you knew? The voice and ambient music are simply great

Amazing, i loved it, i wonder what he left in my hand, what is him omg, wish there was a secret ending to be able to know what he is and how he is. 9/10

this is a very good visual novel not relying on cheap jumpscares but more on just the smallest sounds i enjoyed this very much really well thought out not gonna lie started the first time and opened my eyes....pfft whoops !highly recommend

There you go my dear !!!!

I'm starting to wonder if there's possibly a bug, considering that either "You wake up and see nothing" or die. Unless those ARE the "multiple endings".

Made a vid about it!

I really liked this, awesome horror game! But I really wanted to help him!

so did I!!!

Wow, this game is wonderful. I love this slow buildup and payoff. It's horryifing and really makes you feel uncomfortable the further you delve into it. One of the best VN's I've played in a long time. You should be super proud dev!


almost had a panic attack when i said my final no

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What is the music playing in the background of the game?


Hello, I played this game for like hour and half or so, and I was completely smitten by his/their voice, and I'm just wondering... Is there any path to unlock an ending that doesn't end in them brutally murdering us?

Literally my fear coming to life. This is why I sleep with all my doors and windows CLOSED. 
great voice acting and awesome game overall

God, that's good creepy sound.

Played this for a 3 free indie horror games and i REALLY enjoyed this game. It's a bit long (Which isn't a bad thing) and the music can be a bit loud at time but, other than that. I really enjoyed what of it i played. The voice acting was pretty great too, very creepy! Looking forward to what you make next! You can watch me playthrough and get a better review below!

Pretty Good Game I Really Liked It.

Awesome game but there is only one problem man, the  conversation are so long that it becomes boring sometimes.

Really neat idea! Funny because I remember having such thoughts at night. Maybe not as crazy as this but still. Might I also add that the decision to add a voice actor was a very good call! I think it made the immersion that much greater! Good work!

Holy freaking shoot that was scary!

Excellent concept and execution! I liked each step of the way, building up a relationship and the character, not relying on sudden jumpscares or cheap tricks. The atmosphere was nice and it was a good experience.

This game creeped me out for a week.

What a creepy vibe this game gives out! The voice acting was an added bonus and also added to the creepiness! Great Job! 

Don't let my sarcastic nature fool you, I really enjoyed this game. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future 

Really great game. The voice acting is fantastic, which is what a lot of visual novels are missing. 

I never played a visual novel. Glad this was my first one!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

I Really Enjoyed the style TH HEHE

I Really Enjoyed the style TH HEHE

I Really Enjoyed the style TH HEHE

This was so creepy and awesome!

Thanks for the fun :D <3!

I love a good visual story and this is great. The character is erratic and slightly nonsensical and confused and it causes this build up of impending dread that just ties it sweetly together. Also, Mr. Acosta's whispering voice is gonna be stuck ringing in my thoughts for a while. 

All my unlocked door nightmares realized! I hope you enjoy the video I made on your game.

also fantastic voice acting. You done did me a real spook!!
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This game kept my attention and it was very interesting! I went through a lot of emotions with the entity while playing this game! I didn't want him to leave so soon 😭 Great concept,  great acting, and good atmosphere!  Check it out on your own!

The voice really creeped me out. The atmosphere was really menacing and gave me chills.

Short experience plus a chimera monster with deep and complex feelings. A weird combination but, as he said, we are not so different... Maybe that's what scares us: the similarities between that and us.

I loved every single bit of it, I played more after recording the video to see what some of the other options would lead to and I regret nothing, amazing game man I'm sorry that I forgot your name while recording the video but I left a pinned comment with your twitter to kinda make up for it hahaha.

(Hope you don't mind my silly humor and accent)


I like the idea on creating your own demons that you deal with. Combined with the art style and you got a unique VN. Nice.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

this game is very interesting take on self reflections! i feel though some choices are kinda drag out way to long but! other than that game is pretty cool idea!

Hi everyone, I just want to say the game is totally amazing. I never imagined that, so, my gameplay is total in Spanish. ty a lot to developers :P 

Dude, this was Scary, scarier than alot of horror games
what made it scarier is like, you were picturing whatever was in your room but you didn't actually see anything REAL
This took awhile but great, I opened my eyes once to see what would happen and was quite surprised to be honest

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That. Was. DEEP.

Seriously, this game CALLS YOU OUT. I loved playing it and recommended it to my friends. The art was amazing, the music was chilling, and my god his voice! His VOICE. It kept me on edge. I love this game, I only wish there were more options or a path to seeing him, but perhaps that would ruin the point of the game? I applaud the developer for this game. Please keep making games like this! 

(If you're wondering why the video is in parts, it's because I played through carefully and played through it twice to find different routes! 

The overall length was over an HOUR, so I had to make parts. Sorry guys </3 )

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