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this has attracted so many monster lovers and i am here for it fr XDD

when the sleep paralysis demon has trauma and depression ;-;  

I loved


Could not seduce


(Seriously though its a good game, only 4/5 because i had a few issues)


Can't kiss the monster :( 

otherwise good game, glad there wasn't any screamers


Sleep paralysis be like


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This was such a good experience, so deep and personal, i don't know who to recommend it, but it was amazing!

And now- ¿WHAT WAS THAT ENDING? ¿HUH? i think i will think about it all day, i didnt get it... But yeah, pretty cool game.

I dont know what this game is reaIIy about?

there is a monster in your room you and him do not know what he looks like, you must figure it out.


i want to throw him out the window


I found peace and comfort in playing it. I enjoyed it a lot.


This was different, but I liked it. Well done. I'd appreciate it if you all went to check out my gameplay on YT.  I have other great content on there as well. :)


Very immersive game!I was always scared at the beginning of the game, especially when ghosts appeared.

Until it say, "hey!"

Oh...I love the sound of it...<3

i got the hands right at least... i think? im sad that i actually trusted it xd

there are right features??


it doesnt say that it does, but i chose the incomplete hands, and at the end he gave something important, so i take that as a win


Another reason why I keep my door closed at night lmao! Regarless its a good game


Why am I attracted to him

what the


i think we all are

This game... my word, this game... was NOT what I expected...


this is pretty much sleep pralaiss


i loved this game SO  MUCH, the writing was beautiful and so was the art. i wish we could actually see our friend in the end tho :(

finally a fun one where i don't have to voice over everything 😂 this was great though, a nice little rollercoaster

gyattdamn i was holding my head when i heard the shatter pieces when he was trying to open our eyes-


Wonderful work! Your writing is impeccable and this experience is truly unique. I can understand this creature and its dilemma of simultaneously wanting to be seen and fearing it. I genuinely adored this experience and hope you continue making awesome stuff! 


This game is so good and I LOVE IT. But it would PERFECT if there was a good ending. An ending were we could actually see who or what is talking to us.


The monster it`s the vivid definition of overthinking jajaja


I LOVE IT!!!!! Honestly, I identify with this guy quite a bit. I think he is looking for himself but he doesn't know how to do it, so he looks for answers in other people but they don't tell him the truth. It makes me feel sorry :[

If my English is bad it is because it is taken from the translator because I am Spanish xD

I thought the shadow figure was ourselves. We were thinking about who we are in our own head, all night long, and talking to our own. But also, if thats true, why the hell he rips our eyes out-uh-yeah-... But omg, i felt so bad for all his fears and traumas, wish we could've hugged him at the end TwT


i dont like cthe comments 

cool game


i dont like the comments either


r18 version now

(1 edit)

nice story number one 

number 2 do you think that i could make an analog horror video based on this?


I felt really connected to the options I chose for the creature guy, it was such a profound experience. Especially at the end when they said that maybe I was just describing myself. It was also substantially creepy. I got really uncomfy at the parts where its heart started pounding, it freaked me out. This was so well made.


omg this was so good, it was really emotional and I wanted to open my eyes and see them so bad, I tried but no good -crying emoji-


Scary story

This was very fun!

I feel VERYYYY late to this game, but I only played as I felt like I wanted to see for myself what it was about and BOI DO I NOT REGRET DOING THAT. Loved this game, the voice acting was TERRIFYING but a good ending would be such a good addition, I loved it though, 15/10


please add a good ending, maybe after all "customization" steps, in the form of an option like "yes, but I will close the door first" in the "open...your eyes", and then it's all revealed and you stay with him/them/it(idk)

or maybe after the last "open...your eyes"(the one where the creature breaks your neck no matter what you choose) as the option "ALRIGHT FINE I WILL, JUST DONT HARM ME OK", and... well, you know the drill, the revelation stuff

this is such an interesting game and left me with a strange feeling between hopeless and full

game was fun i enjoyed it

its boring af get out of my home ugly mf




i agree


Such an amazing horror game! The way he talks to you can be very creepy! 10/10 for sure!

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