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I feel there was too little pay off for all the atmosphere, I'm not saying a jump scare was needed but there was no resolution other than it was all just a dream.

Loved it!


Oh yes... This wonderful, horrible game is still getting views... Amazing job on this, my friend! And dat voice acting for the creature tho... Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Very unsettling...  VA was definitely superb.


Great game! Very interesting. I think it could have had some more just to make it all that much sweeter, but I'm more than happy to have gotten to play and experience. 


Poor me at end I will never be able to see to smile to feel to smell or to hear

really short game! i really liked it, very spooky, my friend lit got so scared he leaved the call lol


This guy creeped me out so much and somehow I loved it xD thank you for the fun game! 

This was very creepy! Such a well made game with a twist I didn't see coming at the end! Definitely has replay value!


*sighs* Ok, did you make the monster hot or am I just extremely mentally ill




How does a therapist sound friend.


Why would I get a therapist when I can water plants during the apocalyspe(reference to a cute horror games called 'Pink').

too expensive, think i'll fuck monsters instead

Same here gurl :(
pansexuality hits hard for me thinking about hot scary monsters


I loved the game. It's not completely scary, although there were times I felt extremely uneasy. No jumpscares, either.

I really REALLY enjoyed the storytelling in this one, and I highly recommend playing it yourself rather than watching a video on it. Such beautiful sound design, and I truly love the art style. 

Again, recommend playing it. Set aside an hour and get ready to think.

I love this game it super atmospheric and I love multi-choice games they are great keep making stuff like this I also really love horror games

it was very creepy


This was a really interesting and creepy game! 

Really cool; I love visual novels & horror games so seeing both combined into 1 is FUN!!

def gonna have nightmares tonight 

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JUMPSCARES!?!?! or no

There's a static sound with an image near the end, but that's it

This guy creeped me out so much and somehow I loved it xD thank you for the fun game! 


Great game, I would totally subscribe to that creature's ASMR youtube channel if they had the confidence to have one.




The game was very long and i enjoyed it alot it creeped me out alot in the other parts but i still loved it alot 

Great game! I enjoyed playing through it and was genuinely creeped out through most of it. I went through once seriously and the went through several more times to see if you ever get to see the monster. I want to go back through and read all the dialog for every different characteristic of the being because the stories the being told with every choice really intrigued me. Great job!

good game very interesting

Good game ! 



i wanted to help him, but every time i tried to help he ran away


i feel bad now :(


this game hurt my soul ;-; 

i genuinely felt sympathetic towards them but i knew that if i decided to open my eyes, they would disappear and have no one to talk to....

and it was heartbreaking to hear their voice tremble whenever you refuse to open your eyes.... D:

it really felt like you were forming a bond with the person

This really creeped me out. I felt like it was really, whispering into my ear. Excellent job 👍

This guy creeped me out so much and somehow I loved it xD thank you for the fun game! 


This is the most oddly sexual horror game I have ever played :')


This game.... needs to open its eye


It was almost sad when it ended. I felt as if the creature went from uninvited guest to a friend as it told us about it's life, feelings and thoughts. Great game overall but the voice acting was one of the highlights that just has to be mentioned on it's own since it was so good! 


Is there an ending list?

how do you get the game


See, I KNOW this is supposed to be a horror game, but the voice actor... like the voice lines all I could think was "am I about to kiss with my sleep paralysis demon??? because damn I wouldn't mind" The voice actor just has a really good voice


i got so many sexual vibes from the guy it actually made me attracted to him tbh-



how many endings can you get?


I can't download it, when I do it wont let me open it.

This guy creeped me out so much and somehow I loved it xD thank you for the fun game! 


i wish more games like this existed

How do i open the game?

idk press alt + f4

I love this game

man this is still one of my favourit games I played it a couple months after it first got released

same i still replay it just for the memories


Can anyone help me??,how do I open the game? I t just keeps showing files i'm so confused D:??????


have you tried extracting the game?

if you have not extracted the files already, do that.

go into the folder and find a file named (Don't)OpenYourEyes.exe. it should have the .exe, meaning its executable. it might say somewhere else that its an application. double click on that to open it, and the game should open


depressed and scary game 


just well done :')

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