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You are trying to fall asleep.
In the midst of a silent night, a shadowy being approches your bed.
You can't see it... but across the darkness of your eyelids, a silhuette forms nonetheless.
It seeks one thing: for you to open your eyes, and tell them how they look.
Will you comply? Or will you refuse to see them for what they are?
The choice is yours.

"(Don't) Open Your Eyes" is a short, horror-themed Visual Novel about a midnight encounter with a mysterious being. Through conversation, you'll learn more about them, such as their journey so far, or what they think about themselves. And every now and then, it'll make a simple request out of you: to open your eyes.

It's up to you whether to open your eyes or not. It's up to you to believe if they're really there, or if that whispering voice is only a part of your imagination. Just don't keep your visitor waiting for too long.


  • A chilling tale about a creature's eternal search.
  • Fully-voiced experience.
  • Choose how the creature looks like at specific points in the story, with up to 27 possible combinations.
  • Each option provides a new bit of dialogue, so be sure to try them all!
  • A succint experience, between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length.



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(Don't)OpenYourEyes-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 73 MB

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Does anyone else have the problem of the game not downloading? It just shows up in my files and I can’t play it. Does anyone have an answer to this?

This game messed me up. Five stars.

nice game, I like it.

It has yet to download for me. Can anyone help?


nice game, its not really scaring but it was calming in an asmr kind of way lol.


I was not expecting the ending, definitely a good scary game. I fully enjoyed playing this game in fact, I played it several times to see what endings I could get. I made a video of my gameplay, I will link it below if you are interested.


his is my fav horror game (if you can even call it that) it's just a sad sleep paralysis monster and honestly??the sexual tension in this game left me with great feelings of wanton pining 8/10 scary 100/10 let me f*ck the the sad demon

Yooooo I thought I was the only one who felt the sexual tension omg XD

Reminds me of how I met my last girlfriend!

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OMG this is great! I think I saw Sssniperwolf play this, the game is nice!!! Basically monsters just need a friend.


Does anyone know how to download on chrome? I've been trying to for a long time but I cant, Help pls.

its not letting me play the game I downloaded and I don't know how to open

try extracting the files


I just finished the game and..... wow.... i actually wanted to be their friend? I think they are sad :(

i thought he was just confused on a high level and wanted to know something he knew was out o reach so instead of giving up it only made him want it more in a way

Having trouble opening game how do i do it on windows?

I'm having the same issue. Were you able to figure it out?


yrs actually you have to install the itch app first and find the game on there re download the game then you can play it


why do we have to pay


you dont have to pay

is this a trust worthy download?


yes, definitely, me and my friend played it together (she was in the discord call) and we enjoyed it, it was a nice, small game.



More of an experince than a horror game, (Don´t) Open Your Eyes is worth playing and definitly has something of value but ultimatly feels uderdeveloped in terms of its premise. 


Whaaaat? So at the end he rip your eyes off or ... But why did he kills you? Btw nice game but i didn't understood the ending...

Absolutely amazing game. It really is making think about what I really want. Why we do what we do. Great job, my friend.


It doesn't open on my linux device. Can someone help me?

Im having a similar issue with windows

So... If you open your eyes I guess that's an ending. But I think the goal is to never open your eyes! In which case, I think I might be dead at the end. 

this game does not work on my device


Dang, this is good. Like, real good. The game itself is extremely atmospheric, though it can differ depending on the person. For me, it was a calm, yet had a creepy vibe to it. Over all, I would recommend it.


Just played it in one sitting  from start to finish and wow, what an experience <3

First, so everyone knows; there are no screamers at all in this game nor does it have jumpscares. It does, though, have a creepy, but pleasant atmosphere, in my opinion. 

The visuals, the whisphering (and voice acting here in general) and sound quality (and the sounds, especially at the end) and the music had me spellbound and felt awesome not just once.

In general, this is an experience I'd recommend to everyone who likes creepy stuff, just reading something in silence and in the dark or even fans of - and I really mean that - ASMR (even though I'm no big dedicated fan of it (yet).)

I'll certainly follow the devs of the game and thank them for this unique experience and inspiring concept and gameplay and how one can make something so simple, yet very intriguing.

Glad to have found such a gem on Itch (in my early days here) and kudos to everyone involved (the voice actor as well, ofc.)

5 big red stars from me :)

So, does it have jumpscares? 

i presume you know by now but no actually not too much of one, the one jump scare is, well, i'll put it vaguely because i can only describe it as this because its confusing, "bit by bit and after every bit it disappears and comes back" but it happens in fast succession (but not too fast), you'll see


is there any audio or visual sreamers? i love horror games but not with screamers


Hi o/

No screamers or jumpscares at all. And I finished it myself a couple of minutes ago and wrote some in-depth stuff above ;)

Hope you give it a go since it sure as hell is worth it (no bad pun intended.)

If you are easily scared - and again, no sudden pictures, screamers or jumpscares or anything like that in here - best play during daytime and it should be good :)

part 2 and actually the ending of a amazing experience i had with this game. I loved every bit of it!!  

game was amazing! If you don't mind me asking, what program(s) did you use to make it? I've been wanting to make a game in a similar style to this for a while. I'm dyslexic and have trouble reading large walls of text, so I could never find what I was looking for. If you'd rather not say, I completely understand! You did a great job here, keep up the awesome work!

While the devs didn't reply yet, I can provide an answer to what it was made with:

Ren'py. Originally a Visual Novel program, but it requires one to learn a programing language specifically for it, sadly.

And I hope your dyslexia will get better. And that more people will write less blocks of text and with pauses, like I did.

Still good luck if you ever plan to make a game yourself and stay safe :)


Wow this was really an amazing experience, it felt like I was there myself. What an amazing story!


hey i loved this game !

I played this and its wonderful . I would say its worth trying out , I had to make a video of my reaction  so please do check it out .The developers who made this  game put so much and i would like to play more games like this that had the same creepiness in this game!!

I went through all the choices and it felt a bit tedious but I really really enjoyed the game, the story, the writing, the creepiness of it all and I really wasn't expecting that ending.  Well done!

good gam


Is it only me who feels kind of sad for the creature instead of scared? The life he lives must be awfully lonely


No, I agree with you. Even after that heartbreaking ending.


This was an amazing game. I played for around 35 minutes, and i didn't even expect the twist at the end (or at the beginning, depending on what choices you chose)! Either way, it was a very well done gam :)

hey was there any screamers?


Nope! It was pretty unsettling at times though, but it didn't rely on jump scares to disturb you :). unless you're in the dark though. i played this around noon so idk....


Escreverei esse comentário usando a forma mais culta da linguagem possível, porque apesar de ter um conhecimento suficiente de inglês para jogar esse jogo quase sem nenhum tipo de auxílio, não me sinto confortável e nem acho que meu inglês transmitiria com clareza o que tenho a dizer (o que é bastante, eu acho). Poderia usar o tradutor? Sim, mas eu não gosto, prefiro usar meu idioma nativo (português, não espanhol, por favor).

Bom, como atualmente estou em quarentena e já perdi o ânimo para tornar meus dias produtivos, durante esses dias tenho procurado e baixado vários jogos do site, a maioria eu nem li sobre o que é, apenas vi as imagens, me agradaram e então eu baixei. O que foi o que aconteceu nesse caso. No início do jogo eu pensei ser sobre um demônio que apareceria durante meu sono e tentaria sei lá, me matar, me torturaria, mas eu tive uma ótima surpresa quando foi me mostrado o contrário

Eu amei a atmosfera do jogo e principalmente, eu amei a dublagem, deu uma coisa totalmente a mais ao jogo e parecia realmente que eu estava vivendo aquela situação, que a entidade (seja lá o que for aquilo) estava falando diretamente comigo. E tudo pareceu meio pessoal, sabe? A criatura conseguiu ficar entre a linha de digna de pena (?) e agressivo, assustador. Próximo ao final, quando ela diz sobre termos a ajudado bastante e nos chama de “amigo”, eu realmente senti compaixão e fiquei levemente triste por achar que a criatura sairia do quarto e finalmente nos deixaria em paz.

Eu gostaria de conseguir pôr meus pensamentos em ordem e chegar a um consenso do que >EU< acho que a história se trate, olhando mais profundamente, mas há algumas partes que eu fico bem confusa e não sei explicar o que penso que significam. O que consegui montar (montar não seria exatamente a palavra certa, já que mesmo minha “peça final” está bagunçada) foi que a criatura somos nós (como se a mesma não falasse durante o jogo), um reflexo (?) da nossa confusão, dúvida sobre quem realmente somos. Pelo menos eu, muitas vezes me questiono quem eu realmente sou, se tudo o que eu demonstro ser agora, tudo o que eu permito que outras pessoas vejam e tirem suas próprias conclusões, seus próprios achismos, seja quem sou, de verdade. Acredito que tenha muitas partes de mim, muitas características da minha personalidade, que eu mesma não faço a mínima ideia que exista, por ter tanto medo do julgamento das outras pessoas, medo do que elas dirão sobre mim, de como elas me tratarão e como eu serei vista perante a sociedade. Se meu comportamento, meus verdadeiros pensamentos e personalidade serão aceitos socialmente, ou se serão rejeitados, vistos como algo ruim, algo punível.

Acredito que a criatura e sua busca incansável por alguém que verá sua verdadeira aparência, somos nós, que procuramos e desejamos por aquela pessoa em específico que verá nossas partes bonitas como todas as nossas partes feias, horríveis, que durante a maior parte do tempo escondemos na sombra, e mesmo depois de enxergar todos esses nossos defeitos, nos aceitarão como somos, não nos julgará nem rejeitará. Aquela pessoa que conhecerá mais sobre nós do que nós mesmos, a pessoa que fará finalmente enxergamos e aceitarmos nosso verdadeiro eu.

Mas aí eu penso em outras questões: primeiro, não acredito que haja alguém que conseguirá ver além do que permitimos que veja e nem que nos sentiremos confortável em baixar toda nossa guarda e mostrar todas nossas imperfeições, tudo aquilo que sabemos que, em hipótese alguma, deverá ser visto por outro alguém. Aquilo de mais profundo que até para nossa própria consciência é difícil de lidar, e a mesma condena e nos faz esconder. E seguindo essa linha, não acho que realmente tenhamos um verdadeiro e FIXO eu, como a própria criatura diz no jogo, que as pessoas estão em constante mudança. O que eu sou hoje não será o que serei amanhã.

Terminarei esse extenso monólogo por aqui porque meus pensamentos agora estão ??? e eu não quero tornar isso mais confuso do que já está. O que tenho a dizer é: eu simplesmente AMEI esse jogo, sério, eu gostei MUITO mesmo, tanto que após terminar eu fui contar para todos os meus amigos sobre o jogo inteiro (ficou bem confuso porque eu não lembrava de mais nada do que li e queria falar, mas eu precisava expressar minha satisfação e admiração pelo jogo de qualquer jeito). Eu joguei e o rejoguei uma vez, pretendo jogar novamente e analisar cada uma das escolhas melhor, coisa que eu nunca fiz (sou preguiçosa, mas quem pode me culpar) e talvez eu venha falar sobre a MINHA perspectiva sobre as escolhas aqui. Enfim, esse foi um trabalho incrível!

(MEU DEUS EU ESCREVI MUITA COISA E DUVIDO MUITO QUE ALGUÉM PARARÁ PRA LER ISSO, ESTOU ATÉ ASSUSTADA [hã, principalmente porque a maioria das pessoas que tem como idioma nativo o inglês que já me deparei por aí, agem simplesmente como se o idioma delas fosse o único que importasse e acham uma blasfêmia quando outras pessoas falam com elas por outro idioma, não dando a mínima se entenderão ou não])

Finalmente um BR por aqui, obg por sua opinião hehe vou poder baixar o jogo com boas expectativas

espero que vc nao se desaponte e goste tanto quanto eu!!

O comentário mais completo daqui e é em português, bom vamos dar uma chance pro jogo então agora minha expectativa esta alta para esse jogo(belo comentário).

torcendo pra q suas expectativas nao sejam frustradas vjnjggf

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its a counfusing game


have had nightmares about this game for a couple of days now! If that's not a good job then idk what is! Keep up the good work!


Well that was fun and anxiety inducing :D.


Amazing experience. This game has those five nights at freddy's vibe. Alone i the dark, surrounded by your own thoughts, theatrical audio and the moment of revelation. I opened my eyes and  that was something. Amazing artworks especially with the mixture of traditional photography and the doodle like illustrations. 

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