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You are trying to fall asleep.
In the midst of a silent night, a shadowy being approches your bed.
You can't see it... but across the darkness of your eyelids, a silhuette forms nonetheless.
It seeks one thing: for you to open your eyes, and tell them how they look.
Will you comply? Or will you refuse to see them for what they are?
The choice is yours.

"(Don't) Open Your Eyes" is a short, horror-themed Visual Novel about a midnight encounter with a mysterious being. Through conversation, you'll learn more about them, such as their journey so far, or what they think about themselves. And every now and then, it'll make a simple request out of you: to open your eyes.

It's up to you whether to open your eyes or not. It's up to you to believe if they're really there, or if that whispering voice is only a part of your imagination. Just don't keep your visitor waiting for too long.


  • A chilling tale about a creature's eternal search.
  • Fully-voiced experience.
  • Choose how the creature looks like at specific points in the story, with up to 27 possible combinations.
  • Each option provides a new bit of dialogue, so be sure to try them all!
  • A succint experience, between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length.



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(Don't)OpenYourEyes-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 73 MB

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It takes some real talent to let that fear linger after the game has ended.

This is a beautiful game !! the art is fantastic and I love the music. It was very nice to interpret the creature yourself

pretty good game ya got her

This Visual Novel/Game was an amazing experience! I played through multiple times just to listen to the different dialogue options and to see the effect it had on the creature! I recorded my first play-through of it if anyone is interested in checking it out!

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For anyone looking for the background music from the game, I found it!! It's called "Computations in a Snowstorm" by Scott Buckley, which can be found on his website here: https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/?s=computations+in+a+snowstorm

that its best game i played ( 10Million stars)

I recently Streamed this game and my viewers had very mixed reactions, they either really liked the voice and being or they really did not and had like a gut reaction to him. This was my second time playing and I had a great time. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try a new short horror story game. 

fucking love this game

I really wanna play this game, its got a really good rep. But when I download it, it doesn't download the .exe, the game itself doesn't download; just the files to run the .exe and literally everything else: sound fx, backgrounds, coding. Does anybody else have this problem? Do you know how I could fix this?

F.Y.I. I'm having similar problems with any game I download from itch.io

Do you have an anti-virus software on your computer? It may be responsible for removing executables. 

amazing, i would love to see more games like this


Absolute brilliance. I Love it! I wish there was more!


This is just brilliant. This is like an more poetic, better voiced look at what goes on in my head when I try to sleep. The way it skitters from one anxious thought to another. How self-destructive and pointless those thoughts are, how they don't help, but how I can't (won't?) stop them. 

The voice acting is superb, the drawings beautiful and terrifying, the atmosphere gorgeous, and the shift from what the room looks like when your eyes are open vs when your eyes are closed is a brilliant touch. 

Just an amazingly tight and well done game.


i love the your choice of voice for this character


He is a good boi, I wanna hold his hands

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Really good writing and an interesting story. Creepy mystery-being ASMR game? Worth checking out for sure. A little weirded out by the sexual tension with the Thing 




very nice

gotta love it

a diamond. a glittering gem.



that was really nice.

i may dream tonight.

that would be a pleasant surprise.

when i dream i am aware its a dream, but im a mere passenger on the train of imagination. while awake, i wish to control my dreams, when im dreaming, i wish to just go with the flow, go for a ride, take in the sights, the sounds, the feelings.

i will wait as long as it takes. we all wish to be fulfilled.


a truly enjoyable experience.

probability dictates that if it can happen, it will happen.

even if someone were to become god, probability dictates that one day they will die, for that was their fate from the beginning, at least down one specific path. it may never happen, but it will always be a possibility.


This game has made me feel for something that may or may not even exist

How desperately I want to fulfill their request...end their long search

and embrace them.


No one: 

Not even anyone:

Me: NoT gOnNa LiE hE KiNdA hOt ThOuGh










Bro plz do



bro wtf


I absolutely love this. The music, and sound effects, like I was in that room with whomever this visitor is. I'd love to download the music if possible, and I hope this game, possibly, get's more endings and longer playthroughs and paths because there is so much here and I genuinely cannot get enough of the visitor, the story of the visitor, and everything happening here. I connected deeply with the choices I picked for eyes, hands and expressions. This is so well done and if CashApp would let me, I would SO have spent money on this game.


This. Is. AMAZING. I absolutely love the visitor. I love the premise. I love the art. I love the dread. 10/10, would love more with this premise!


This game was beautiful and the art style is amazing. I love the concept and surreal atmosphere.


I never thought I'd be emotionally attached to someone breaking into my home, but I guess we're out here.


Plz...lemme kiss him...he sounds so sad...I wanna hold his hand bro idc if it's a tentacle. Y'all out here making me YEARN bro.


Same man..



If you a girl you hot - if you a boy you not

that game girl

that's rude~


Big same.




Don't Open Your Eyes dating sim when?


Everything about this game is wonderful and I thank Markiplier for introducing this to his subscribers.

Does anyone know if there's a good ending?


I haven't played it for myself, but maybe if you hear every dialogue option in a single playthrough?


What's your definition of good? xD


I found this from Markiplier. I must admit that, im sorry if thats bad to hear?
But I cant wait to play it. Im not on my PC until after new years, im only on my laptop that runs slower than a potato.
(^ - ^)  looks cool and really creepy

(1 edit) (+10)(-1)

Author, I want to hug you right now. This... made me feel. I just want to know, are there just 2 endings? The one where he's not there, and the one where... he becomes unfriendly?


i tried a few things and so far it looks like there's only these two endings depending upon whether you open your eyes or not. i don't think there's an ending where you can see him. but i would love to be proved wrong.


i really wish i could open my eyes and help him, i feel something greatly with him and it makes me very sad every time i wont open my eyes. :c


I can download the game but it cant play it. I dont know what to do plz help


me too

it just won't work


are you guys using 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems? cause if you're running 32 bit then the game may be 64 bit, which means you can't play it

its great


Voice actor did his thing with this one


Do you know who did the voice acting?


Daniel Acosta. He also voiced a character in the game Blush Blush.


I lI like the concept very much, projecting one's shortcomings into a monster (if perhaps the dialogue a little bit on the nose). I'll recommend this game to my friends.

Spooky and also intriguing had a great time so far!


I love the sound and the concept, this game had me all in my feelings. Perfect execution


Really enjoyed the game and the presentation! I like intimate horror like this (for lack of a better term). The atmosphere was great and I loved the voice acting! My only complaint would be to maybe specify how many endings there are in the game, because I feel like there are only two endings. I would love to see this game expanded on and maybe more endings added too! While I'm a little sad that it seems like there are only two endings, I haven't played anything like this game before and I'm happy that I found it.


I really enjoyed this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6pIwZCDaVE

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The game is fantastic, I love how deep the voice is, I really enjoyed this experience


Not sure what the endings are, I only get the one where I open my eyes after picking all his features and he isn't there. He's too nice to kill you, right? When does he kill you???


He killed me after I picked all the features, he forced my eyes open and then killed me. I picked lost eyes, tired hands and surprised grimace. I never once opened my eyes EXCEPT when he DEMANDED it. But he just forced them open even if I said I'd open them. I wonder if there's a good end. 

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This.. made me feel.

Looks really good from the screenshots but my anti-virus says it's an infected file. Any reason for this?

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Is there some sort of walk-through? Coz I can only get 2 endings unless, that was supposed to happen.

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