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You are trying to fall asleep.
In the midst of a silent night, a shadowy being approches your bed.
You can't see it... but across the darkness of your eyelids, a silhuette forms nonetheless.
It seeks one thing: for you to open your eyes, and tell them how they look.
Will you comply? Or will you refuse to see them for what they are?
The choice is yours.

"(Don't) Open Your Eyes" is a short, horror-themed Visual Novel about a midnight encounter with a mysterious being. Through conversation, you'll learn more about them, such as their journey so far, or what they think about themselves. And every now and then, it'll make a simple request out of you: to open your eyes.

It's up to you whether to open your eyes or not. It's up to you to believe if they're really there, or if that whispering voice is only a part of your imagination. Just don't keep your visitor waiting for too long.


  • A chilling tale about a creature's eternal search.
  • Fully-voiced experience.
  • Choose how the creature looks like at specific points in the story, with up to 27 possible combinations.
  • Each option provides a new bit of dialogue, so be sure to try them all!
  • A succint experience, between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length.



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(Don't)OpenYourEyes-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 73 MB

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I’ve downloaded the game, but Idk how to play it. Can someone tell me how to play it plz? Also, I'm using a comuter. PLZ HELP!

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Grimblie is funny

Really funny man he was charming

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At first we thought this would be full on horror, but in the end it sparked some (stupid) conversations between us as we played.

Thank you for making this!

We made a long video out of it...


See our full review here; gaull.xyz (#8)

(P.S. Great voice acting!)

-👄-      got it


ok i played this at 2 am, got super scared at first, but then started crying because i related so much to him, which probably says WAY too much about me but thats not the point. to me the dialogue in the middleish chunk gave me really strong "if we want the rewards of being loved, we must submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known" vibes which i LOVE, 100000/10 i will be telling all my friends to play this because i loved the whole thing. also idk if this was just me, but the room/house set up is EXACTLY like mine? kinda freaked me out lol. my legs were stretched out, my door on the opposite wall and on the far left, with my closet/dresser to the right of the door, the door open to the hallway with a room just barely off to the left, pictures on the wall on the left of the door. the only thing different was the location of the light switch. makes me feel like im in a simulation too... 

10/10 would play this again. At first I felt bad for him, then the twist hit.

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Does anyone know how to actually play this game? I’m new to this websight and trying to play this game, I downloaded the file and stuff but I can not seem to actually play it. I have the little arrow at the top pointing down, I click it then it brings up the file name, I click the file and it brings me to my storage thing, I have to clue what to do then and I really want to play this game so if you have any idea how to help please reply to this comment and help a poor fella out pls!!


Also I’m on an iPad Pro if that helps


You need a computer.

Good, but I hate reading so I didn't really get the full experience as I kinda skipped through it a bit. To those who enjoy a lot of reading, I strongly recommend checking it out. I just didn't read it all based on personal preference, nothing against the storyline or developers. Keep up the great work, it was really well made and had a great story from what I did read of it.

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OMG I loved this game i got all scared and I even got that gut feeling when u  go down a rollercoaster;)

So at last I really loved it and it was actually scary 

really epic

For some reason whenever I tried to open the game, it says that the exe is missing even though I downloaded the whole file!

10/10 very spooky! i would like to hug my whispery friend tho

I can't open the game... I execute the exe and it says that that exe is missing...? Help ;3; never happened before for a renpy game

This game was so fun to record for a video! It's definitely worth playing if you haven't yet :)


such a creepy game! Please check out my play through for full review 


-Made a Video. (Old Video)


I know the game was supposed to be creepy but I couldn't stop roasting the poor guy hahahaha. The art was really creepy though if that's what you were looking for!


I really enjoyed this game. It's eerie listening to this 'visitor' talk about himself and his travels. I almost feel bad for him, but something keeps nagging me in the back of my mind that he is not as he seems. Wouldn't mind a somewhat happier ending for him but all in all I loved the mystery.


This game is a masterpiece! I love the creepy art, ASMR (monster?), everything is great about this game. Enjoyed it...

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I created a account here just to say that this game is fucking awsome! Good work dude, but please

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Hi this is my gameplay in Spanish, I add subtitle to the video in Spanish. This is the part #1. I hope you enjoy it. Pls share,the Spanish people are grateful to see this video translated

Don't open your eyes was the third game I played in this video and I very much enjoyed it, I couldnt take my eyes off of the screen.

this was a neat little creepy atmospheric game, good work!


So... I have played this game and even made a video about it. It's uhm... certainly something else. I would not say creepy, mostly unsetteling. But maybe I am just no fan of having a Nightime Visitor.
If you are interested, here is my video.


It was a really fun and unique game I really enjoyed it :) 


This game was surprising creepy, the whole time I expected something to reach out and rip my face off. The ASMR voice got me good though lol, aptly named title for the game! Long dialogs though. 


Interesting concept, some parts were genuinely creepy, but I did feel like there was too much run on poetic dialogue and the creepy tension gets lost at times.


don't ya love it when everyone throws their let's play in your comments?


Okay! First of all I want to say: GREAT GAME! It is a really good story and perfect for people who want to play a creepy game but are not into the jumpscare, loud noise, creepy ghost girl type of horror!

Second of all I want to ask you how this game came to be, because as I will explain in the video, I've had real life experiences that were almost identical to this game. Sometimes I got very creeped out and interested at the same time because moments in the story were so accurate and detailed to my personal experiences. Yes... I may seem like some lunatic but this is so very interesting to me because these experiences have been happening for years and I just found this game yesterday... So I would love to know your inspiration for the story!


Really unique game style, surprised me with how creepy this atmosphere was. really came out great :) 


This game makes me feels terrified and pity at the same time. A good game to play when you feel lonely in your bed and need someone to talk to!


this game is great! just the info on the game you're given is great, it leaves you wanting more info on the game. the art makes it even better too, makes it live a lot more lively! however... the game did feel very slow at some points and boring.


Wonderful experience! But...

P-Please lemme hug the sleep paralysis demon they seems so sad and lonely :(


Pour les Francophones

First I want to say: There are no screamers or Jumpers, so you all are save :)    Second: This is one of the best games ever, i love the whole idea and when I choose my answers I always tought: To which one do i relate most?                     SPOILER:

The third thing i want to say or rather ask is to every Player: What do you think they gifted us in the end?

Oh, I thought that the gift at the end was related to the fact that I chose the hands that were incomplete. When I chose them, the demon said that they'd always left bits of his hands behind to the others like me he'd met. 

So I assumed that they'd left a piece of his hands behind because I'd picked that option, but now I might rethink it lolz

Did you also chose the incomplete hands? It might still be a reference to them after all


I too choose the same hands. But I think this scene never changes. I thought about what the gift could be other than a part of the hands, but maybe it is exactly that, and only people who choose to listen to this option know the gift.  

I just really want to hear the thoughts of others :) Thank you for sharing what you were/are thinking about!

Np at all! It was actually really interesting for me to realize it lolz I just genuinely assumed it was a piece of it and never gave it any second thoughts rip

Thanks for putting things into perspective for me(and I'm guessing for others too)  :)


can there be a good ending where we date the monster please, the sexual tension in this bedroom is unreal. 


lmfao i feel you


Thought it was just me, we never even got to hold his hand.


Or his tentacle, in some instances:))


There is something about this game that starts off scary, but the more the creature opens up to you, the more sympathy I felt for it. This was an intimate experience that ends on a bittersweet note in both scenarios (opening or not opening your eyes). A really unique horror experience; great job with this!


I was really relating to it while I was attributing it the characteristics that better suited me. I thought it was supposed to me some sort of subconsciousness of the player, so I felt like such a douche when it got mad and started saying I had only shaped him to look like my view o of myself. And tbh I think that was what the creator was going for, but idk. It was an amazing game either way bc of how personal it turned out to be, for each individual player

Does anyone else have the problem of the game not downloading? It just shows up in my files and I can’t play it. Does anyone have an answer to this?

same!!! I really want to play it!!

for some reason i can´t play it either smh

sameeee TT

also same bro


This game messed me up. Five stars.

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