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I think he leaves behind a love poem.


is there a... good ending?


In my opinion the good ending is when you open your eyes.

Did you?



The good ending is when you see him, dying is just a "side-effect"

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I am absolutely shocked with this game, but very positively shocked. It was probably one of the most unique experience I had in a video game… definitely something unforgettable. I was expecting a pure horror game, but in the end I felt  sorrow for this creature than an actual scare. 

I really want to talk more about this game…discuss it more… but alas, then that would be a spoiler.

Well regardless, I only wish more horrors games would be like this: being unique, making me feel something, and have an actual meaning behind it. 

Incredible game. I will definitely replay it more.

Did you purposely try to disturb and creep me out? Oh you did? Then well done I hated it so much (in a good way). I don't think I've ever been so creeped out while playing a game and that night I had a disturbing dream about it that's how good it was!


this is amazing but i cant figure out is there one ending 

I really like this game

This game really creeped me out! Really enjoyed this one! Check out my gameplay of it 😁

This was so effective it's scary

In one question I already started emphasizing with him and thinking that I should describe my features to him and hell he's so human I am very sure I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes closed even if in actual danger of life


o jogo tem um alerta falando sobre "paralisia do sono" em que muitos sofrem disso!

BR em "Impossível."

thi is so well put together i love i

this is like one of my fav itchy games 10/10 i srslt love it




I felt so uncomfortable when he was breathing and i can't help but to feel weak cuz I got scared by a bell noise 

wel interessting game, but what actually happens in the bad ending if noone is there? 

very good game ;) 

in my playthrough i have a whisper arguing match with mister sleep paralysis "creature" over here

To add: So, so many people have praised this game and i was like "it is probably overrated like a lot of garbage these days" but no!!! This game is definitely not overrated!!! It is free (pls donate if you enjoyed your experience and you are financially able tho), the writing is amazing, the game is creepy, the voice acting is amazingly unnerving... just wow. We need more gems like this. This game is definitely worth your time.

It wants to be seen. But you are its eyes. And it wants your truth of assurances from the descriptions you gave it. Open your eyes, you can’t see it; otherwise, it will be you.

The game relies on your choices by this sleep paralysis demon. Though the build-up from the start can give you creeps, once it starts speaking, you’ll sympathize as you lend an ear to its ‘existential crisis.’ Its shyness, monologues, and self-philosophies are relatable. And every choice you make will be its ‘appearance’ and may be a good ending.

The sketchy design of this game fits very well with its theme, the voice acting (ASMR-like) of the sleep paralysis demon is great, and the background music fits the tone of the game. All in all, it is a good concept and quite nightmarish to listen to with this sleep paralysis demon (I am still scared to see what it finally looks like in real life though.)


Very well-made game. Playing this late at night definitely gives it a more "creepy" feeling but somehow kinda romantic too... Or was it just me?


No, not just you. I was so sad that I never could give him what he wanted. 

Can't remember if I left a review so I'll do another one. This game was very creepy. The voices, the atmosphere, the animation and music were all great.

I really liked the game :o

muito bom

so I downloaded it on my iOS and it’s on my files now but I don’t know what to do now ☹️

The game its for windows


can. c-can we. can we kiss them.


we absolutely should have that option ngl


Amazing! I loved this game, from start to finish, the voice of the thing was very fitting and I really enjoyed playing through it. Another thing that I think is really cool is the idea of this game where you have your eyes closed, but you know what's there even with them closed, it's a really nice idea and i loved the way it was done, with the sketch-like design making up for the fact that 3D environments being re-imagined in human brains is not 100% accurate and is only approximate. All in all I liked this so much that I  recommended this game to my friends so I think that says enough.


Bravo to the voice actor(who I believe the end credits also said was the game's editor, they seem to wear many hats lol) , they had shivers running down my back several times. I enjoyed this game quite a lot and got really into listening to the monster. I felt quite sad for them also. I know its a monster, and everything, but I know that feeling of wanting to be seen but too scared to put yourself out there for fear of being judged. So instead you just hide away, even if someone notices you.  I mean I could be totally wrong but that's just something I took away from it.  Anyway, I really liked your game quite a lot and will remember it for a long time. 


I was curious if there were any fanfics of this guy so I searched on ao3 and



why, im just so- why (send me a link)


literally exactly what i was about to say 


Crawling out of my cave to say that I actually never considered to look up my game in those sites until I read this post.

Pleasantly surprised.

I have a question on this topic. When you were writing the dialogue for the creature, did you like.... intend to make the whole damn game flush with sexual tension or was that just a result of the voice acting?


My word, well now I have to go and look. It would be immoral not to with that door just opened-

This was very creepy and unsettling. I was totally memorized by the being though. Great VN 10/10.

This guy creeped me out so much and somehow  I loved it xD  thank you for the fun game! 

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this is the best game ever thank you


well....... i cried. a lot. thank you. i loved it. 

it don’t work 


Don't you just love the sound of a guy talking about you while you're tryna sleep? :3


this game made me cry when i played it 2 yrs ago, like in the good and bad way i felt like the creature was trying to flirt with me, and i wanna to check him out so i opened my damn eyes and the game ended skkkk

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I honestly thought this one would be a little boring at first, but I ended up loving it! It proves a game doesn't have to have super fancy graphics to be good


I love this game!!! At first my heart was beating so fast thinking it'd be super scary but it actually wasn't that bad! It's probably because the guy's voice is hot rather than scary. But please keep it that way because the voice acting is really good! The dialogues are also real amazing, I was flabbergasted. I thought the guy was reading my mind or something. What he said is so true about myself T_T


I made a playthough of this and I genuinely thought it was a scrapped concept for a porno. Good game that turned out to be


I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to believe this is a horror game. The voice acting is really... something. And his dialogue can be very charming (ex: the whole hands part). And the fact you can hear his heart beating just from you, like cmon...

I love this game, by the way. I'm not saying that it's bad or whatever. In fact, the part where he makes you open your eyes and you get that terrifying glitchy image scared me! It's truly a great well-made game.

 All I'm saying is I'm opening my door before I go to bed tonight.


i loved it! tho a romance route would have icing on the cake lol 9/10


brooo we need a romance route!!!




I mean c'mon we need to be able to romance the eldrich horror creature that whispers in your ear


That's what fanfic is for my friend. I was surprised to find at least a couple well written ones for this game and now I can be at peace.

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