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bonjour c'et pour savoir comment on ouvre le jeu car dans mes fichier je ni arrive pas merci.

I ended up making subtittles myself for spanish :) Nice game, well narrated and really creepy 💙💙💙💙💙

I really enjoyed this!! The voice acting was amazing also!!     

Deleted post
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bro started flirting w me, low key like it tho

update: bro asked me to strip OO dang 


This game made me go out of my way to find fanfiction... 10/10

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i thought i was the only one finding his voice attractive, anyways you found the fanfic??


There's a bunch on AO3


ok, links??? lol i thought i was crazy thinking the voice was kinda sexy kkkkkkkk


The one's I've read and recommend:

All of them:'t)%20Open%20Your%20Eyes%20(Video%20Game)/w...

Because of the cutting going on due to the next line i thought it said "(dont) open our eyes", very russian thing to do

It was.


This was very creepy and unsettling. I was totally memorized by the being though.


That voice, that place, those thoughts. I wanna play again and again and again till I see my friend. That's an awesome work. With just one place you did a lot. It made me question myself and every single choice I had done... (Don't) Open Your Eyes was a perfect experience for me. Good job!


Unsettling but interesting! The voice acting was eerie too (and very well done!). The writing was *thumbs up* Nice pacing and follow-ups after picking an option.


Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

If this game has gone over the world to Malaysia, YES, do it, i trust in other countryes other than my home one.


i love how basically the entire comment section is just thirsting over this demon man

and i agree wholeheartedly serve me a slice of his miasmic form please and thank you




im so sad and dissapointed in my self by saying, i agree that the weird man is hot.

Why you sad bro? Everyone agrees with you, there is no shame, like Adam and Eve.


OK i saw this game when it first release and im hearing EVERYONE out. this man is so fine ngl. god i'd open my eyes anyday for him.


game good.. but need ending where i giobve him the sl;oppy... mmmmmn heyeah /srs


you get it


0/10 cant sex the man

0/10? I thought that was supposed to be a -1/10

so real i want him


there needs to be an ending where we can kiss him bro i need him




Such a unique and interesting experience. Creativity really pops on this one and the insight into our thoughts is so accurate. Well done. Very creepy, chilling. 


I really enjoyed this game. It's like how you sometimes have fears, but don't want to face them, but learn you must. Ten out of ten for this game!!


Why's he tryna seduce me? I'm not mad. Well I'm mad that there isn't a way for us to be together :[ Anyways, I loved it. I really conform with him in many ways

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Dude, he seduced us all, you MUST be mad.

It's ok, we all have our own little universe with him :D


"i slowly, i slowly started to be seducted by him like he started to seduce me." iykyk

And thanks lord he seduced us, hes way too beautiful to be not married.


amazing game the horror atmosphere is amazing one of the best games I played

my guy needs therapy

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We need therapy, hes too sexy, i have a trauma for not having kinky time :(


This was the first game that I've ever downloaded from itchio, and I loved it. I loved the art, the voice acting, the aesthetic, and especially the writing. I fully agree with the comment saying that it felt like creating a connection with parts of yourself that might normally remain hidden, or might only feel truly real when your eyes are closed and you're ready to drift off into another reality (like sleep).

Welcome to


pretty good. the guy is hot ngl. 4/5

4/5? Is that a 4/5??? How isn't he 6/5?


it was boring so i skipped most of it :((




I liked it. I even teared up because of some words when I felt like "this is me", could totlly relate to some thing it said.



This was very creepy and unsettling. I was totally memorized by the being though.


hes so fine .


hear me out


No i don't use reddit'e, i just watch way too much memes.


this is was a really interesting thought experiment that engaged me and surprisingly didnt scare me, even though i was expecting to be

thanks for the great game!

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Comments below clip;

I liked the unsettling atmosphere of running around in your own head. Most people will not admit to it, but I know quite a few individuals personally, that are  always on heightened alert when dealing with the 'outside' world.  This game drags you into their unhinged vision of 'normality.'

A very refreshing take on what true horror can be to some, whereas others just close their eyes and sleep.

Well done and kudos to all involved.

Holy cwap, dude made a whole essay about the game.


That's normally referred to as: feedback :o]

99.999% Of people didn't read you'r comment, the reason? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, here we call that es-say, mean it's also at the same time feedback but both idk man kill me

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I don't give a fvck about other people and their opinions [including yours].

Dude, uncool. :(

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Please make an Android version I wanna play this so badly😭

Edit day 69 of my comment being posted hehe

I want 69 of the monster, not the comments on it.

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Game was very unsettling. I have to say there was to much talking/dialogue, to the point it wasn't creepy or just boring. Would I recommend? No. Overall 2/5.



This guy creeped me out so much and somehow  I loved it xD  thank you for the fun game!


This game reminded me of something. Being afraid of the dark makes no sense. There is nothing about darkness that should make it scary. What we are actually afraid of is what could be lurking in the darkness. We are afraid of NOT being alone in the dark.

You aren't alone in the dark, you always have A by you'r side.

ostatnio nikt się nie skarżył na tą grę... bo nikt nie przeżył (nobody has complained about this game lately ... because nobody survived)


This game really creeped me out! Really enjoyed this one! Check out my gameplay of it 😁


Pretty cool! Does a lot with very little! Reminds me of being in bed as a child & being afraid of the dark.....when your imagination runs wild about what could be lurking in the dark....the ending wasn't very satisfying but this concept could be expanded into something really interesting. Enjoyed this for what it was!

The "original" ending is good :(

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